Responsive Redesign

Project time - 12 Months

2017 - Nominee Webby Award

My Role

I joined the main website build project in October 16' when the project was a the crux of the build and price vehicle creator. I was also involved in creating multiple campaigns, in-store digital experiences, re-branding and future state idea workshops.

• UX Designer
• Creative Direction
• EDM creation
• Campaign Designer
• Interaction / Animation prototype creating
• Wireframes
• User Testing


Following Lexus Australia’s record-breaking sales momentum of the past year, the site launch was another progressive step forward in putting the brand ahead of its competitors. The project, which went live in May of 2017, had the following objectives:

• Share the luxury lifestyle story of a Lexus owner
• Build and price a Lexus efficiently online
• Interact with the appropriate dealer near a buyer’s location.


User Testing B/C Level Navigation


• Observe general reactions to the design & layout
• Test the 2nd and 3rd level navigation on mobile
• Test the information structure on the model overview pages
• Test ease of access to Request Test Drive and Contact Dealer

✓  3 out of 4 users understood that the B-Level is a dropdown menu (and used it to navigate back to overview)
✓ 2 out 4 users understood the C-Level navigation immediately and used it to go to Performance when asked. 1 users “got” the C-Level after clicking around
✓  B-Level not critical as most users used the browser back button to navigate and contextual links to move forward

X 2 out 4 users didn’t notice the C-Level navigation (and didn’t need it)
X 1 out of 4 users thought the B-Level dropdown was the page header


Ensure users can navigate to C-Level pages via content links on parent pages


Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 3.25.15 pm

User Testing Build & Price

5 Users


• Overall the B&P tested well
• Step flow and NEXT easy to use - no one used the top navigation
• Grades are not easily understood
• Summary was noted as clear and concise
• Finance Calculator posed no problems
 • Form easy to use with exception of Dealer buttons


• Build & Price:
• Grade selection needs further refinement
• Pricing on enhancement packs need refinement
• CTA labels need revision/editing
• Finance Calculator
• Form needs some refining (title, dealer buttons) 

Devices Copy 7

Post-Launch CX Metrics

Data based on June 2017-July 2017 compared to the same time the year prior.

+137% increase in ‘Car Builder’ completions
+12% increase in returning website visitors
+49% increase in number of returning mobile users

The big improvement here is the increase in car builder completions of 137%, illustrating that more visitors are engaging with the website in a meaningful way. In addition, those visitors are opting to return more often, with specifically the return of mobile users, up 49%.

Post-Launch Digital Metrics

Data based on June 2017-July 2017 compared to the same time the year prior.

• +82% increase in sessions
• 12% decrease in page views

 The implementation of a more streamlined UX has largely impacted the above metrics. Taking the time to understand the customer journey allowed IE to reduce unnecessary clicks, leading to a decrease in page views and an increase in overall sessions. The new design has allowed users to achieve what they want in a simpler and more efficient manner.

Other overall experience outcomes include:

A/B testing is easily configurable for future marketing activities including personalisation rules. These assist in driving customer conversion through nurturing ‘hot leads’.
Simple to navigate content management system, Sitecore, to allow constant evolution, ease of use by the business and targeted marketing messaging.
Reusable website components to reduce development costs for operational changes (new model launches, upgrades, etc.) and enable rapid deployment to facilitate adaptation to market changes
Bi-Weekly A/B and user testing of design to achieve customer determined best practice and optimize UX investment.


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2018 UX Model Pre-Launch Page

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Artboard 2 Copy

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