Well With Maple

Project Time - 5 Months

My Role

• Strategy
• Mapped the customer journey, personas and user needs
• User testing
• Worked with the Product Owner to determine and agree a design direction
• A/B Testing


How do we get millenials interested in health insurance?
We we're approached by one of Australia's largest health insurers to answer that question. 

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The Challenge

The broad objectives of this project are to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of a mobile app for iOS or Android that:

• Can be piloted to a test audience by the end of February 2019
• Creates a scalable foundation for the product and brand
• Validates a business model
• Targets and engages a millennial audience in the core age bracket of 25 - 30
• Engages partners to provide services for the audience
• Delivers a strong value proposition for users that allows the insurer to aggregate and analyse audience behaviour

The Approach

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How Might We?

Create a pilot mobile app targeting a millennial audience to encourage them to take up products and services related to improving their wellness?

Defining the Customer

Extensive and current research had been completed by the client over a period of 3 months to define the customer. We took this research with a plan to validate when user testing. 

The Persona

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 3.08.24 pm

Olivia (25-30)

Olivia is not interested in private health insurance just yet but has an obsession with being not only physically fit, but also mentally. Olivia often meditates and tracks her fitness via a wearable. 


From sketching and prioritising we narrowed our ideas down to formulate some semblince of a story. We ended up with to vast a feature list and could not all agree to cutting certain items. At the back of our minds we were also thinking "This is an mvp, if everyone isnt completely happy with what you have, that's what an MVP is" 

A/B Testing

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We set out to validate whether certain faetures were desired over others each with vastily different UI. Our four testing areas were: 

Onboarding - Prioritising physical, mental, nutrition, where surfacing brands early or late was preffered, and how each user handled privacy settings

Dashboard - Proximity based challenges and category offers

Redemption - Cheaper bundled classes, subscribe to unlock, paywalled content and offers, tiered subscription

Subscription - Customised susbscription vs tiered subscription

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 4.57.00 pm

Two prototypes were designed in tandem (me on the purple) from wires to get the core functionality in order, and upto mid - high for testing purposes.

Core Objectives of User Testing

We tested 6 different users who fit our persona to test:

1. Different pricing models and value propositions - do they prefer building a plan for themselves or paying a 1 off subscription?
2. Would one would they like to use more?
3. Different onboarding flow
4. Big ticket rewards v small activity based redemption
5. Setting fitness goals v point tracker
6. Mental health assessments
7. Boosting progress via $ to next tier
8. Tiered subscription and customised
9. Does Physical, Mental, Nutrition have the same weighting on the applications
10. How much information would they share regarding mental health, and what do the expect us to do with the data
11. Challenges, goals, offers
12. Localised content
13. How often they wish to see content
14. Preferred content

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 3.39.30 pm
Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 3.50.05 pm

As hypothesised it was clear that this would have to be an amalgamation of the two prototypes. Test attendees were interested in the classes, fitness tracking, goal setting, a daily mood report and robust and upfront privacy explanation in where the users data was to be used. They also saw the value in the offers we put forward. I'm unable to talk about those here. We also gained valuable usability insights for onboarding, sign-up swipe gestures and more.


Bringing it all together

3 personas copy
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In Development

The application is currently in development with myself on the team, we're continuously re-iterating from testing feedback.
More updates to come.

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